Three Essential Writing Techniques from Stoker’s Dracula and the Epistolary Narrative

I’ve been working on this article since June and am happy to finally share it with my fellow writers and Stoker fans. I was really inspired after reading it.

Read the article here.


Editing My First Draft: Writing Exposition

The system I have in place has been going quite well. Here’s a preview of the editing key I created on Instagram.

It took me a couple of hours just to edit six pages…out of 470ish? Haha. It’s great fun, actually. After stressing over the ending and coming back to the beginning, the ending looks clearer and easier to manage. For now, I’m at the beginning, relearning how to write exposition well. I found a great video for that actually.

320x50 Got an Idea?

This is the same channel I recommended on my Magic Systems post. I’m definitely going to be sharing more resources in the future. I’m hunting for them constantly and get excited when they have damn good advice. Hope this helps anyone who needs it. Speaking of which, here are two of the books I’m currently studying right now, just to get the basics down and start thinking outside the box. Click on the pictures to check them out.

Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft 9th ed. by Janet Burroway, Elizabeth Stuckey-French, and Ned Stuckey-French – Great for learning the basics of fiction and storytelling and good for review. I’m pretty sure I got this book in college.

Mastering Suspense, Structure, and Plot by Jane K. Cleland – I bought this a couple years ago. More than anything, this book reminds you to keep your audience in mind and helps you keep your writing fresh and inventive.

Hope that helps anyone who needs it. I’m grateful to have them…obviously - New, Secondhand, Rare Books

So, here’s what’s been going on…

Sorry. I kind of fell off of WordPress again without meaning to. I don’t know why, but it seems like it takes less energy to just make a quick post on social media than it does posting on here.

Anyway, many awesome things have happened. First draft complete, as shown via Instagram.

Okay, it wasn’t really “done” done at this time…I was frustrated lol. But after getting past some printing complications, which required using up two whole cartridges of black ink…and fighting headaches/migraines…

…Then creating a fun Editing Key for the novel and to make myself happy again…

I finally printed the first draft manuscript in its entirety, reaching a proud 470 pages and 130792 words.

I’m incredibly proud of the work I’ve done, but there’s much more to come. I’ll be sharing my creative projects more frequently now that the first draft is complete. More music, more art, more writing, more everything. I’m excited to share with you all.

I probably should stop announcing it and just do it.

Yeah. Get ready.

A Restless Excitement

I know it’s probably the full moon…but it’s mostly me. I’m excited to be near the end of my first draft, excited to start building an author platform, excited to create more and more things. I’m simply excited and restless, more on the inside than the outside. This energy building up inside needs to be regulated though regardless of my excitement. It’s good to ground yourself to recall the bigger picture. Doing this stabilizes you and builds self-trust, especially in the face of fear.

Oh my goddess, I’m pumped.

Being a writer is the best.

Witchy Side Note: This full moon energy is crazy! Sagittarius and Capricorn influences along with that north node in Cancer. It’s pretty significant!

Priorities and Confidence

I disappeared a couple of days so I could reorient myself towards a self-made schedule. I have so many projects in mind, but I want to bring them into reality, which required me to take a step back and look at the big picture. I have a week left until my first draft for my novel is complete. After this week, I’ll be publishing more, from articles to short stories to music. I feel like a broken record announcing this again, but it’s necessary. One of the hardest things about being a writer, musician, or any other type of artist is that the work you do takes time and every second you put towards that work is progress, progress that not many people see up close. That makes it difficult to have a support group.

I talk to my friends and family about it and it’s hard dealing with the confused looks on their faces, but rather than being insecure and think “Oh no. They don’t get it,” and then feeling like their lack of validation means all I’m working on is a waste of time, I instead remember that they’re just not familiar with this field. Most of my friends and family are in a type of healthcare, educational, or business line of work. Those fields are more straightforward in their job description and more reputable because they’re popular sources of direct income. There is so much in artistry that is passive income. I think too many people look down on that mostly because it isn’t a simple way to make money. That’s what I love about my job though. It’s not simple or straightforward. I don’t think any job is easy, especially if your heart isn’t into it, but the straightforward jobs do lack complexity and some people like that. Not me lol. My creative quirks need an outlet.

So, now that I’m reoriented after all that traveling (which gave me a migraine for over a week!), I’m back on schedule and I’m sure the way I’ve set things up will help me produce more content regularly so the passive income system can do its magic.

You know I’m talking about money and reputation, but ultimately I’m doing this because it’s what I love to do, I’m in a healthy work environment, and I’m seizing the opportunity to build a platform that I hope encourages others to embrace their truth. The world needs more authenticity with accountability right now. Who knows, it might wake us up to the hell that is global warming (because we sure can’t reverse it…). Upcoming burning hellscape or not, I’m excited and hoping the warmth of summer will inject bursts of life into my work (I’m excited to celebrate Litha too, obviously).

Side note: I need to get Amazon Prime so I can watch Good Omens. I’ve been sooooo excited for it!

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Sunk – Back from a great weekend :)

I am a nerd when it comes to writing and I just want to write about writing and also just write. I want write for the rest of my life. I like studying fiction and its genres. I’m a geek about literary theory. I like to deconstruct the fundamentals of storytelling and language. I like identifying a writer’s strengths and weaknesses while psychoanalyzing them. I just…idk this is all sinking in right now. You think it would have sunk in during college and grad school lmao. I think during that time it was sinking, but right now it has SUNK. Since the website I write for is very flexible about what I can write about, I’m going to start making my literature studies into articles that parallel the articles on academic journals and see what happens…while also writing a novel…and preparing to publish poetry…and writing music…and learning to pencil sketch…and studying French, Japanese, Latin, and ASL…And as I build up my writing career…eventually, I’ll have a PhD….because I just want it.
I love my life right now. 🖤 Idk just wanted to share my current life goals.

^^ That right there is just a recent Facebook post. Just thought it belonged here too.

Taking the weekend off was pretty awesome. Although I had relapse in my mental health and am still fighting through that relapse, the weekend was ultimately a blast! In a weird way it inspired the foundation of my protagonist’s personal philosophy. So, that’s neat. Mindfulness works, guys. It takes practice.

I will be doing another first draft completion countdown and give updates on my progress. I’m still recovering from the social hangover from the weekend. First draft writing shall commence tomorrow. More fun projects keep popping up too. It’s like my brain thinks that I’ve already completed the first draft and now I can move onto something else that will help with the second or final draft. Lol nope. One thing at a time. As you can see from my Facebook post, I like having multiple projects and hobbies to fill up my day, but it’s important to make sure those projects are completed. What’s the use of even having goals or cool ideas without any followthrough? - Passion for books 300x250 Got an Idea?

First Draft Deadline Extended to June 21st and Publishing Short Horror Stories

After a restful day, I’ve decided I’ll have my first draft finished by the summer solstice. I think that works out. Litha would be a wonderful way to celebrate my accomplishment.

Once the first draft is complete, I need to brush up on my editing, so I thought writing up a few short horror stories, editing them, and publishing them somewhere (probably Kindle Direct Publishing) would be a good way to review Editing Fiction 101. My editing will get sharper and I’ll be able to polish SS: Initiation with confidence.

I also plan on releasing more music. I know I’ve said that repeatedly, but I truly am ready to make this happen. I’m just the type of person that needs to work on one project at a time and make sure I hit certain milestones before moving on to the next one. I used to be quite the multitasker, but keeping it simple is much more fulfilling for me.

Did you know this first novel draft is almost 400 pages on Microsoft Word (double spaced, 12pt. font) ? I’m pretty proud of that lol.

More updates later. I’m going to enjoy the weekend.