In this entry, I apply advice from screenwriter John Truby to the first draft struggles I’ve been dealing with. Additionally, I run into a helpful plot structure from Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat and create my own character profile template!

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Anxious Plans – [Poetry]

Lost to ambiguity, I’m nothing. Obstacles with no substance nor logic conquer all. Circumstances are conspiracies. My anger’s self-righteousness must win the war. All in life plans to witness my reactivity and self-destruction because, of course, the world revolves around my demise; saying otherwise is a risky lie. Read full poem on Vocal. Photo Credit: […]

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The Relief of Simplicity and Being AntiPerfection— [Just Me]

Wow, I talk about perfectionism a lot don’t I? Lol, well that’s because it haunts the f**k out of me. I’m a very ambitious, but sensitive person. I have big ideas that turn into elaborate, yet overwhelming strategies, and have issues altering those strategies only because I get stuck in a strong spell of the […]

Under The Scorpio Moon by Leliel [Poetry]

from No Film School: Characters are the heart and soul of every story. But getting them to arc takes practice and skill… We all have favorite movies and TV shows, and favorite movie and TV characters. They help us get through our day, and are examples we use in everyday conversation. So when you set […]

How to Create Captivating Character Arcs in Your Screenplay (Or Story) [FREE Infographic]… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

This is a fantastic and foundational read for writers. Highly recommend giving it a look.