There’s a consistent theme happening in many facets of our lives at this time: Stop giving away your power. Accountability and autonomy are crucial for everyone right now. You’ve seen for yourself that no matter what kind of “powers” rule over your nation and no matter what other powers you compare them to, there is an incredible lack of consideration, compassion, and mindfulness. The world isn’t completely absent of heartfelt actions and thoughtfulness, we’re just being urged to express those actions on our own and I implore you to start with yourself. Develop your autonomy so when you feel genuinely led to attend to certain responsibilities aligning with your truth, you are more than prepared to hold yourself accountable. Accountability isn’t supposed to be a debilitating pressure that crushes you with blame, but rather a love and responsibility for your life where you address what is and isn’t in your power.

Stop depending on and expecting governing powers to make your life more fulfilled when they won’t even forgive your debts and blatantly ignore your devastating losses. We hold our own power and we deserve better.

It’s not because of the responsibility that could be asked of me. My whole life has been driven by being responsible.

It’s not because of the expectations others could place on me when in this position. It used to be strenuous for me, but I have learned how to deal with that in a much better way.

It’s not because of the workload, because I’m a hard worker and very good at self-management.

It’s the power. It’s always been the power. It’s always been the fact that I have the ferocity to crush those who get in my way even though deep inside I’m terrified and guilt-ridden over the long-term damage I’ve done; the kind of damage where karmic forces may even think they have their work cut out for them. I can destroy, but I often embrace power when I’m creating, where I’m building up instead of tearing down. I’m not saying leadership is being that person who tears others down, but it can certainly seem that way living in a world like this one. The truth is that sometimes a leader has to destroy, release, let go, banish, terminate, the list goes on. Power creates and destroys; it’s a cyclical system none of us can get away from. So, I think I’m someone who favors creating and has always feared destroying.

And that needs to stop. Destruction and creation are both necessary forces. They are in harmony, like life and death. Also like life and death, life gets the more positive associations and death gets the negative because loss and distance hurts. Destruction is associated with negativity if it’s destroying something we’re lovingly attached to, but we rarely think about how creation can be negative and destruction can be positive. The creation of a system that brings suffering is something most of us aspire to destroy. If we successfully destroy that system, we have a platform, a blank slate, to create something new and with that creation comes constant reformation and evolution.

So knowing this…why would I fear that power? Why would I fear such natural forces? Probably due to my limitations and fears of the unknown. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s suffering, but I have brought pain to others. I have to accept that and be accountable. “Never to have suffered is to have never been blessed,” is one of my favorite quotes from Edgar Allan Poe. Accountability and enlightenment is the blessing within suffering. Some people may have thought the blessing to be healing, but I personally feel it’s the transparency that accountability provides and the empowerment enlightenment brings.

The power that comes with leadership has always terrified me. Why would I fear such a blessing?

Feminine and masculine energy surges through all of us. So, if you feel the need to put down your fellow man or woman or someone who feels they don’t fit the binary, you must reflect on your own insecurity. You must realize whatever wounds you’re refusing to heal are going to twist who you are into someone you didn’t want to be: a sexist, an oppressor, a manipulator, cruel, unstable, desperate. Feminine energy encourages stillness and contemplation, which is very powerful when applied to retrospection. Masculine energy encourages movement and decisiveness, a great responsibility. They don’t have to clash, but they inevitably do to develop experience. Iron sharpens iron. The cooperation of these energies has always brought strength, inner balance, and maturity, but if you cannot take that experience and address who you are, you’ll end up deluded and entitled. 
So, if you cannot acknowledge women-fronted events that bring change and accountability or men taking the opportunity to reflect and stand back, then can you, at least, respect yourself enough to pledge that your anger and unfair judgments of the changing times is mirroring a great insecurity that you must conquer to prevent yourself from becoming something you know you are not? Reflect. Decide.

Happy International Women’s Day

(I wrote this on Facebook initially, but thought I’d share it here too.)