On exhausting days when silence and stillness coats over your tired body and weary mind, just listen. Rest is a great reward.

– Kris Leliel

Building my writing career has been incredibly fun and intimidating. Now I’m taking steps closer towards furthering my education by pursuing a degree in psychology. I’m really excited.

More novel work is on the way. I’ve decided to read/edit approximately 25%-30% of my first draft and then start rewriting again. I’m debating on sharing some excerpts of my narration to see if I get any feedback, but I’m not sure that will happen because I’m not noticed by a lot of people yet and that’s fine. I’m going to start campaigning my short story, “Autonomy Bleeds Black” more and see if I can get critical or brutal feedback from audiences then.

Yep. Marketing, marketing, marketing. It all comes down to that, doesn’t it?

Hope you guys have a good day.

I’m microblogging today to paraphrase a little snippet of what’s going to be in a future article: Practice the art of letting go to hold on to your true self.

I think it’s a good quote, but it’s definitely something cheesy you can put on an Instagram post too lol.