For real?! This was my last post! Ugh!

Well, I will show off two fun purchases to add some spook to my sketchbooks.

Front side

I bought a spooky sticker pack and decorated one of my sketchbooks. I love it.

Back side

Also, I’ve been enjoying the horror manga short story collection “Smashed” by Junji Ito. These stories have been wild and unsettling, which is to be expected. It’s a very satisfying and bizarre read!

Have a good one.


  • Decorate your house for Autumn/Halloween – show us pics of your decor.

Well what a coincidence. I was at the Spirit Halloween store recently looking for a fleece throw, but I couldn’t find any. Instead I found a bird’s skull and an iron key I want to use as a door knocker for decor and blogging purposes because I was excited to share what I got. Anyway, the pursuit of the throw went on. Hot Topic had plenty of anime throws and I wanted none of them (I’m very picky with anime merch). Then I went to Spencers and voila! A throw that I could live with was there. It has a print of the major arcana The Moon on one side and this beautiful moon and star design on the other. I also got a seated/back pillow to help me with working at home. It’s been doing wonders for my back so far.

And I guess I might as well admit that the midst of decor shopping involved some impulsive purchases, live gloves, nails, socks, and a single magnet.


  • Prompt: How to make your home cosy this Autumn – share with us what we can do to transition our home from cool Summer to warm Autumn. Prompts by The Life of Dee.

For me, it’s about comfort and ambience. Blankets, cardigans, hoodies, and sweaters are a must. Candles have to be the right size so they last for the season. For smells, whether it be candles, incense, or oils, my favorites are the earthiest, like cypress and cedar wood, but I also like lavender, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, frankincense, blood orange, and apple/pumpkin spice whatever (which I think I like more as a scent than I do a drink).

To add to the cozy, a good amount of LoFi playlists will do the trick. Here’s a Halloween one I found the other day.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Samhain. I witnessed many changes within myself and around me. This past sabbat had a very initiatory energy to me. This technically is the “new year” for pagans, so it makes sense.

I spend my sabbats very privately, especially this most recent one. Even though I’ve only been pagan for about a year and am still learning a lot, Samhain has been a special day for me even during childhood. I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween growing up, but the day has always felt special to me. I know now I was just tapping into some spirit work abilities and those experiences really influence my writing.

I’ve had to think more carefully about my creative projects. Writing about Hermeticism, past lives, and other topics are still on the list, but I’ve been putting some unnecessary pressure on myself to write “high quality content”, which is the goal of course, but high quality doesn’t mean I should be stressing myself out over making sure I write something that will be approved by everyone who comes across it. Sometimes you’re going to create something or express yourself in some way that others won’t like and gladly mock. Instead of interpreting that as some kind of punishment or scolding, it should be interpreted as experience. Simple as that. My sensitive soul makes things complicated for the sake of avoiding the “experience” and I’m ready to start breaking that habit. That honestly is the main reason why I post articles/essays so slowly. I shouldn’t be rushing myself, and I don’t, but for this to be a substantial career as I write my novel and work on other projects, I need to be serious about writing more frequently.

This is just where my mind has been lately. I’m diving into my unconscious mind and investigating what’s really holds me back from allowing myself to reach success, to create, to attract abundance, to just be. Uprooting the excuses I’ve validated for so long is a process. It’s not very fun, but it’s very necessary.

Please expect more from me and I’ll do my best to stop disappearing for a week randomly, but I can’t make any promises. For those who follow my work, thank you for your patience.