– Promote Local Bookstores

I want to share with those of you who love books and want to support local bookstores. I came across it on Tumblr and absolutely love the concept. I know Amazon may be your go to for eBooks, but I promise you Amazon will be fine if you support local bookstores and small businesses instead. Over $6 million has been raised for local bookstores. Let’s keep it going.

Found an Esoteric/Occult eBook resource (along with other works) – Research

So I found Global Grey, a website with all sorts of eBooks on the occult, history, philosophy, feminism, religion, and more. The website offers the whole collection for twenty pounds. I came across this while I was doing research on Baruch Spinoza. I’ll be writing an article about him soon.

Abe Books is also a great place to get a discount on books if you prefer them in print. They have A LOT of old books that are hard to find. - Passion for books