Stand Up – BLM/LGBTQ

Authentikei stands up for civil rights.

Below are resources for those of us who want to support or want information on The Black Lives Matter movement and to support the LGBTQ+ community. More information will be added overtime along with other sources for other communities that are dealing with injustice.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – Resources Archive
Includes toolkits that provide information on the psychological and emotional impact of the BLM movement. Explore the rest of the site for more information. (Source:

Minnesota: Reclaim the Block
A Google Doc of legitimate organizations who create safe areas in Minnieapolis for Black, Indigenous, LGBT+ and other communities targeted by police and white supremacy. (Source: Minnesota Freedom Fund)

Dealing with Tear Gas
This Tumblr post has instructions and demonstrations on how to deal with tear gas the police have been throwing at peaceful protestors. (Source: Tumblr)

There are other methods other than the milk jug. I’ll look for them.

23 Guidelines for Journalists Who Want To Cover The Protests
Information for journalists who want to cover the truth of the protests safely and legally. (Source: Poynter)

Preparing To Protest
A general “what to do/what not to do” article for those who are preparing to protest. There are videos and inforgraphs. PLEASE BE SAFE. (Source:

Understanding Martial Law
Due to the dispatch of the National Guard, it’s important to understand what constitutes as Martial Law. What is happening currently is NOT Martial Law, but Insurrection Act of 1807. 9 News goes over their differences, but the curfews in place are already a red flag.

BLM Petitions To Sign

The link above is a Google Doc of petitions you can sign (there are A LOT) and resources you can share. Feel free to copy and paste the link to share wherever you feel it’s needed. It’s consistently being updated.


The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is a well-known organization for helping suicidal LGBTQ+ youth in times of crisis. If you need to talk to someone or know someone who needs help, you can call, chat, or text.

Trouble Finding Healthcare
OutCare Health will help you find the closest LGBTQ+ healthcare provider. COVID19 has made tensions run high when it comes to healthcare; all the more reason to ensure you find a reliable provider.

If you plan to join in the Black Lives Matter protests as a queer person, please read “Preparing To Protest” above.

Pride Guide
COVID19 is keeping many of us at home, but Pride is never cancelled. Do your best to keep in touch with your friends in the LGBTQ+ community by checking out GLAAD’s Pride Guide.

If there are additional resources you’d like to recommend, please send the info to my contact page.