First Draft Progress – 19 Days Until Deadline Pt. 2

Words Written: 964 words (haha. lame.)
Current Word Total: 92,219 words

Things I need To Research:

  • More Scifi, specifically things with robots, mecha, androids, and cyborgs
  • Reincarnation
  • Psychology

Additional Work: More character design and more practice in writing trauma and suspense scenes…This is probably why I wrote so little… I mean… I just…I don’t know. I love psychological trauma in stories, but writing it is a whole different ball game.


First Draft Progress – 21 Days Until Deadline

The majority of my day went towards preparing for Mother’s Day, but I did do some character design work.

Also, because my novel project will be a series, I’m getting so many ideas about the second novel while closing in on the first draft of the first, which is great! Hopefully, what I introduce at the end of the first novel will be harmonious with the themes of the next.

This is why it’s important to give your brain a few rest days in between writing sessions. I am pumped!

Trans-Personal Chakras

This is a very interesting description of the trans/sub personal chakras. I was studying them today and came across this. Wanted to share.

Vasunin blog

Important note: The text below mention some “Cosmic civilizations” and angels. The staff about good and bad cosmic forces are actually projections of entities aka synthetic matrix from the geocentric surroundings of the human beings, and then projected on the Cosmic levels, based on the archetypes of light and darkness. However, the texts on the “Aliens” will remain as they are written, because these “Cosmic entities” are still the astral reality of our planet and humankind. All advanced supercivilizations are either ignorant of us, or they are our invisible protectors. In supercivilizations there are no wars, no poverty, they are protected by the great Divine. (this information was added on 2017/10/29).

Trans-personal chakras are those chakras which are found above one’s head. There are 26 or 27 trans-personal centers out there. Here I will write only about the first eleven trans-personal chakras, because they are more connected with…

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Your Favorite Psychic Characters Don’t Live a Psychic Life

Sorry to tell you this, but you don’t know psychics as well as you think. You’ve seen plenty of movies and shows about psychic people and their misadventures, but if all you know about psychic phenomena is from watching that stuff, you’re still in the dark. 

Psychic abilities aren’t just visions, dreams, talking to spirits, and self-pity. It’s an intense experience calling out to all in very subtle ways. Perhaps these less-discussed traits of psychic abilities aren’t cool enough for Hollywood, but I think it’s important for us to know what really goes on in the life of a psychic. Let’s go over the famous “clair-” abilities. 


What everyone thinks it is: seeing weird things pop up then disappear, zoning out, time traveling, a bad dream means something horrible is going to happen (especially if it keeps popping up), I see dead people and now everyone thinks I’m a freak. 

The technical definition: “Sometimes called ‘ESP,’ it is the psychic perception of objects, conditions, situations, or events invisible to most people, including auras, various health indicators, and spirits, as well as things at a distance in space or time,” (Weschke, Slate, 2016)

What clairvoyance really is:

  • The subconscious connecting to a future, past, or present event and linking the event to one’s sight
  • Visually recognizing the energy of an entity/spirit, which is often a vivid color, shadow, or light
  • Visually confirming the energetic presence of an entity/spirit or thing.
  • Seeing one’s environment without the constraints of time or barriers in the third dimensional plane

Read more here…

Two New Pages Made

They’re nothing extravagant at the moment, but I now I have a page for my poetry readings and for my music. More content to come soon. Thanks for the support.

I got an idea – 2 more blogs

I’ve received a pretty good response to some of my Literary Terms 101 posts and it hit me that those types of posts deserve their own blog. Additionally, I want to create a blog of metaphysical and occult terms that I’ll be using in my novel, but sort of make it into a blog/glossary (bloglossary? No…no that doesn’t work.) I want to do this so my main blog won’t be so cluttered, but I also like providing information that’s just easy to reference when needed (for myself and others). I’ll do my best to make this as user friendly as possible. Honestly, this may require yet another website theme change lol.

Stay tuned. I’ll announce when they’re finished.

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