The Epistolary Novel

Further information on the epistolary style.

The Edible Eighteenth Century

The Epistolary Novel refers to a work made up entirely of letters.  This style of writing coined its name from the Latin word, ”epistola” which means letter.  Aphra Behn first wrote the epistolary form in the 17th century in a novel titled Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister.  In this unprecedented style of writing, Behn actually included the voice of a narrator, which he interjected between the letters.  This addition, however, was not typical of the Epistolary form, which became widely popular in the 18th century. 

As the Epistolary novel became a form people wanted to read more of and authors wanted to write, three different types emerged: a monologic work, a dialogic work, and a polylogic work.  A monologic epistolary novel only contains letters written by one character.  The monologic style can be seen in Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe’s The Sorrows of a Young Werther.  A dialogic…

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I’m going to stop disappearing

Although I’m kind of active on social media, I’ve been slipping away from WordPress and I don’t want that because it’s basically my platform for creative content and my business.

Well then…let’s knock off that bad habit.

First Draft Progress – Three Days Until Deadline (or should I just extend it?)

Grr! Well I gave myself a deadline to increase the pressure and complete this first draft. I am actually really close to the end…I just can’t write fast enough. But that’s okay. I was a bit worried that if I got into the habit of putting off my own deadline, I would inevitably just never have it done. I know I’m not procrastinating with this project. I’m so close. My mind just won’t work fast enough, even when I have a great writing flow going on.

Words Written Today: 2301 words
Current Word Count Total: 105,243 words

I did successfully finish a chapter at least….ugh. I just wanted to do more.

See this is what I mean…I shouldn’t beat myself up for this. I’ll get it done. Giving myself an extension is okay. I’m not procrastinating. I’m making sure I do this right. But it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s a first draft. It’s fine.

I’ll announce my new deadline date when I think long and hard about it. It needs to be practical and pressuring.

First Draft Progress – 7 Days Until Deadline

Well, my mood was pretty sour this morning so I wasn’t feeling like writing. But I did think about some of the themes in my novel quite critically. This novel gonna be a trip.

Hopefully I’ll do some writing tonight. I have just a few chapters left. I can do this.

Mini Rant

Nothing motivates me to write more than ignorance and narrow-mindedness. I know I can’t force closed perceptions to expand, but I will still challenge their endurance by plunging them into worlds within worlds then dare them to find value in their ignorance afterwards.

Ugh! I can’t stand closed-minded views! Self-deception is the WORST!

First Draft Progress – 9 Days Until Deadline

Yesterday was a busy day visiting with others. I didn’t get a lot of writing done, but since I’m traveling again, I’ll have the chance to write on the plane.

More updates soon.

Regarding Article Writing and Building My Career – Vocal.Media

Building your career as an writer is so weird. It can go in so many directions, especially if the options are seemingly limitless. I’m a writer for Vocal.Media, which is such a great platform for writers. I mean you can write anything within their guidelines, fiction or non-fiction. They’re basically a YouTube for writers (especially in regards to their creator partnership program they started up). I really respect that they set and reinforced their guidelines first and foremost as they’ve grown to be more popular.

Anyway, returning to what I was saying. I want to take article writing more seriously once I get past the first draft of my novel. I want to write about literature, artists, and more esoteric/metaphysical topics. I’m already writing about metaphysical topics, but I’d like to improve the quality of my writing, especially since I have so much freedom. I need to take myself and my work more seriously. We’ll see. This is more of a stream of consciousness post, to be honest. I can’t get career building off my mind and that’s a good thing.

Maybe the question isn’t “what” I write, but “how” I write. How will my writing define who I am?