A Horror Short Story is Coming

I was hesitant at first, but I finally have mapped out the plot for my first horror short story that takes place in the world of my novel series. I thought maybe it would’ve been wiser to pick a story that’s more basic, but I think this will be a great way to start world building.

Once I think of a good summary, I shall post it.


Sunk – Back from a great weekend :)

I am a nerd when it comes to writing and I just want to write about writing and also just write. I want write for the rest of my life. I like studying fiction and its genres. I’m a geek about literary theory. I like to deconstruct the fundamentals of storytelling and language. I like identifying a writer’s strengths and weaknesses while psychoanalyzing them. I just…idk this is all sinking in right now. You think it would have sunk in during college and grad school lmao. I think during that time it was sinking, but right now it has SUNK. Since the website I write for is very flexible about what I can write about, I’m going to start making my literature studies into articles that parallel the articles on academic journals and see what happens…while also writing a novel…and preparing to publish poetry…and writing music…and learning to pencil sketch…and studying French, Japanese, Latin, and ASL…And as I build up my writing career…eventually, I’ll have a PhD….because I just want it.
I love my life right now. 🖤 Idk just wanted to share my current life goals.

^^ That right there is just a recent Facebook post. Just thought it belonged here too.

Taking the weekend off was pretty awesome. Although I had relapse in my mental health and am still fighting through that relapse, the weekend was ultimately a blast! In a weird way it inspired the foundation of my protagonist’s personal philosophy. So, that’s neat. Mindfulness works, guys. It takes practice.

I will be doing another first draft completion countdown and give updates on my progress. I’m still recovering from the social hangover from the weekend. First draft writing shall commence tomorrow. More fun projects keep popping up too. It’s like my brain thinks that I’ve already completed the first draft and now I can move onto something else that will help with the second or final draft. Lol nope. One thing at a time. As you can see from my Facebook post, I like having multiple projects and hobbies to fill up my day, but it’s important to make sure those projects are completed. What’s the use of even having goals or cool ideas without any followthrough?

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First Draft Deadline Extended to June 21st and Publishing Short Horror Stories

After a restful day, I’ve decided I’ll have my first draft finished by the summer solstice. I think that works out. Litha would be a wonderful way to celebrate my accomplishment.

Once the first draft is complete, I need to brush up on my editing, so I thought writing up a few short horror stories, editing them, and publishing them somewhere (probably Kindle Direct Publishing) would be a good way to review Editing Fiction 101. My editing will get sharper and I’ll be able to polish SS: Initiation with confidence.

I also plan on releasing more music. I know I’ve said that repeatedly, but I truly am ready to make this happen. I’m just the type of person that needs to work on one project at a time and make sure I hit certain milestones before moving on to the next one. I used to be quite the multitasker, but keeping it simple is much more fulfilling for me.

Did you know this first novel draft is almost 400 pages on Microsoft Word (double spaced, 12pt. font) ? I’m pretty proud of that lol.

More updates later. I’m going to enjoy the weekend.

The Metaphysical and Occult Research Page Is Ready

All right. I changed things up and now all of my articles on Vocal.Media will be linked to that page. It’s a work in progress, but I’m happy with the start. More articles are coming. For now…

Please visit the Metaphysical and Occult Research Page here

As for the Anime Archetypes page and the literary terms, I have plans for that. For now, The Anime Archetypes page won’t be present on this site and the literary terms will continue as is.

The Full Moon Helped My Writer’s Block – Change of Plans via Vocal.Media

This is probably going to be one of the most goth-hippie things you’ve read today, but while meditating under the full moon with a black amethyst in hand, I’ve realized that my metaphysical research should be more on my Vocal.Media account and referenced on my website. This will help me financially and build up my platform. I’ve had such horrible writer’s block when it came to articles on Vocal.Media. Even though starting this WordPress blog helped me get some writing in on the daily, it drove me nuts that I was neglecting my writing goals for Vocal.Media. Blogging is natural for me. Article writing takes more planning and organization.

On Vocal.Media, which I feel is a reliable way to gain earnings if you’re willing to put the effort into it, I do my best to write in an informative, but also conversational sort of tone because I want to encourage anyone who comes across my writing to consider the metaphysical world whether it be for fun or in a more serious matter. I wish to write about my topics respectfully and transparently so my audience knows I’m being real with them as I explore these topics myself. There is such a vast paranormal/supernatural community out there and I really want to be a part of it rather than just a quiet outsider. Too many of us have had mystical experiences that we’ve tried to rationally explain, but haven’t yet and I think instead of leaning towards the idea of calling ourselves delusional or freaks, we can have a conversation about it instead. Discussing our experiences can lead to more rational conclusions and coping mechanisms or it can, as us metaphysical lovers like to say, expand our consciousness so we can delve into the unknown or unexplained without being harassed by doubt every day. I still run into people who go through so many things they just want to understand and I think if I were to write more articles about certain types of experiences, like meeting entities from other realms, having visions and dreams that turn out to be prophetic, etc., we’ll all just be more open about it and feel less alone. I know this community is already expanding in a more inclusive manner. I just want to keep the momentum going.

So, this is basically an announcement that the Metaphysical Terms page will soon link to my articles on Vocal.Media and I’ll make sure to announce new articles ASAP.

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A quick note to those of you who connect with the astrological forces out there, Jupiter in retrograde and the full moon in Libra is some very incredible energy right now. It’s a very honest energy. “Dark night of the soul” kind of stuff. Take advantage of it. This energy will help you conquer, or at least face, what is blocking you from your goals and aspirations right now.

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Hey there, the metaphysical/occult pages are up.

Sweet! Now, if you want to just scroll through some of the metaphysical or occult terms I’m researching for my novel, you can either check out the recent posts here or if you want to look for a specific term, you can pick the letter it starts with here.

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There are now two pages for Literary Terms. Huzzah.

All right, so the first page [Literary Terms A-Z] is the page where you click on the letter your literary term starts with so you can find it easily. At the moment, there are only four terms, so there are very few letters. It will develop in time. It’s a shame the page is so plain at the moment, but sometimes less is more. I want it to be user friendly more than anything.

The second page [Literary Terms (Recent Posts)] is pretty self-explanatory. The most recent posts regarding literary terms are there.

Huzzah. The metaphysical page and terms will be coming soon.

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