Authentikei’s Work

Here you’ll find a culmination of my creative projects. Thank you for all your support.

Current Projects

Spirit Strings: Initiation – My Dark Science-Fantasy Novel

Plot Summary: Magic is regulated under a strict, theocratic government with global rule over the planet Terrana. The four kinds that live on the planet, the Fae-kind, the Nyx-kind, the Terran Man, and the Droids, are obedient to their theistic rule, but Violet LaCroix has arcane power refusing to be contained. She’s hidden her multifaceted magic since she was a child. The day she decides to let her power flow changes her life completely, starting with a criminal charge for performing necromancy. To save herself from merciless persecution from the government’s elite organization that hunts disobedient mages, she’s forced to join a resourceful cult that promises her refuge in exchange for joining their coup de t’at. Violet goes from model student ready for college to joining a cult of rogue mages eager to liberate Terrana from magical oppression and hoping she’ll bring the power needed to end a war between mages, deities, and unknown forces lasting for millennia.

Go to my blog for more updates on my writing progress.

Short Stories – Kindle Direct Publishing

I will be writing short stories based on my novel to market my novel series. More information will be released soon. Go to my blog to get updates on my writing progress.


The music I make is linked to my novel, but also very personal. Right now, only one song is released, but there is more to come.

Listen to my music on: 
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Poetry Readings

My poetry readings are a fairly new project where I read my poetry with music I composed in the background.

Anime Archetypes

Anime Archetypes is a project that I have been working on and off on for years. If you’re an otaku like me and love to write, I think you’ll like the articles I’ve written so far. Read them here.

More will come soon.