Mystic and Creative Spirit

My name is Kris Leliel. I started Authentikei as a platform to share my creative projects that are inspired by the occult, metaphysics, spirituality, and horror. I’m not only building my career as an writer, musician, and artist, but also hoping to collect reliable sources for fellow creative spirits like myself hoping it will help them build their creative lifestyle as well.



I blog frequently, but my essays, literary analyses, poetry, and my diary of recording my novel writing process is all on Vocal.Media.

I have also published one horror short story, “Autonomy Bleeds Black”.

Music & Poetry

On my YouTube channel are some poetry readings and instrumentals. Cover songs and originals will be coming soon.


Here are a few things I’ve made.


Autonomy Bleeds Black

Horror short story

Synopsis: An allegorical and gruesome horror short about being harassed by a narcissistic parent. When the author hears any mention of his father, he gets a terrible sting in his chest. The pain worsens when his father comes over for a surprise visit, which is why he’s told to leave. The author remembers what his father will do to get what he wants and the horrors that follow when he doesn’t. Expecting his father’s return, the author’s inner truth literally bleeds out of him as he desperately tries to set boundaries and stay safe. What will it take to make his father listen?