I started Authentikei as a platform to share my creative projects inspired by gothic subculture, the occult, metaphysics, spirituality, horror, and the overall dark, emotive, disturbing, and beautiful side of life, death, and rebirth.


My mission is to have a platform encouraging artistry and critical thinking about the aspects of life, death, rebirth, and chaos and enjoying every bit of it. Authentikei is where I prioritize my personal philosophies, strive for self-fulfillment, and be in harmony with the truth of reality while swearing to never be passive to self-destructive acts ever again. Art, philosophy, culture, and mysticism are the foundation of this mission and emphasizes understanding and mastering the self. The transformative experiences of my inner reality will be artistically expressed with honesty, integrity, dignity and accountability.

Aspects of Authentikei

Transparency & Boundaries

Balancing transparency with boundaries is the most important aspect of my work. Although many of my artistic expressions will increase my vulnerability to a chaotic and uncaring world, I’m going to create in spite of it while developing healthy boundaries with the communities I may or may not be a part of.

Blogging & Content Creation

My blog and social media posts are versatile and genuine. I know the internet is a double-edged sword for the most part, but I couldn’t be more grateful for living during a time where discovering and understanding the world around me is at my fingertips. I do my best to create blog and social media posts thoughtfully and I prioritize being introspective. I can also be incredibly goofy at times, so who knows what will happen…

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Articles, Reviews, & Essays

I’m a writer who is an aspiring novelist and already a short story writer, poet, article writer, and essayist. Hopefully my contributions to literary circles will be impactful. Some of my articles, poems, and essays are on Vocal.Media along with my new Horror Reviews for Writers series. I’m currently working on dark science-fantasy novel series and a horror short series in the same universe.


Before Authentikei, I was KeikoArtz where I had a YouTube channel with several anime cover songs paired with my (cringey) anime fanart. However, my depression convinced me to delete that account and give up on making music. Fortunately, I’m making music again at a gradual pace, which will appear on my Music page. My nerdy side wants to make cover songs again, but after releasing one new cover song, I decided that producing original music will be my main focus.


I’ve been studying and practicing digital and traditional art for years to be completely honest, it’s still hard for me to share my work. Along with digital and traditional art, I’ve been attempting photomanipulation and self-portraiture with Photoshop. Sometimes I share my art on my social media profiles (mostly Instagram).

Mysticism & Liberal Studies

Researching mysticism and the liberal arts/sciences has always inspired me, from occultism to world history, mythology, witchcraft, metaphysics, esotericism, cultural studies, philosophy, politics, and probably more. I proudly call myself an autodidact and sophophile who romanticizes dark academia aesthetic, gothic/occult aesthetic, and abusrdism; everything I do is ultimately for the sake of fueling my creative spirit and to make art until I die.