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Update on Me and the No Justice No Peace Page – [News/Just Me]

So the website itself went through a few changes again. The theme changed and a few pages have been removed so I can edit them again, such as the No Justice, No Peace page. It turns out that trying to list sources about social justice issues, political issues, environmental issues, and more was an overwhelming task for me. My mental health couldn’t take trying to update the page with every event of injustice happening. Additionally, I wasn’t getting a lot of visitors on that page anyway, so it didn’t seem like it was making much of an impact. I’ve decided I’m going to change it to a page that lists a variety of national and international mental health resources because I think it’ll help to at least make sure my audience has accessibility to these sources while chaos is happening all around them. It will take a minute to sort this out, so thank you for your patience.

As for me, I’ve been taking time to refine the structure of this business so I can produce more content that I’m proud of. I have a solid plan that I’m happy with. I also deactivated my Twitter because of the aforementioned reasons with the No Justice, No Peace page. By no means am I trying to avoid the importance of acknowledging the pain and prejudice around us, but as I move forward with my projects, most of which are inspired by such events and mental health topics, I need to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind to work efficiently. I need to be studious and thoughtful as I work rather than bombarded with too much information and opinions every day. And unfortunately, I have the kind of mind where once I’m triggered, I’m perseverating on that for days on end. I have one of those minds that literally won’t rest and it gets to a point where I can’t work at all.

Aside from the mental health struggles, I’m enthusiastic about this project, which I’m calling “The Blackblood Project” and may start writing blog posts or vocal articles with a “day in the life of me” kind of vibe. I really enjoy expressing my progress. It’s one of the things that helps me get in a wonderful frame of mind.

Hope you all had a decent holiday last week, even though Thanksgiving is really one of the crappiest holidays of American “culture”. Let’s hope your Yule or Xmas will be decent as well.


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