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Creating Content Is Like Turning A House Into A Home – [Just Me]

After taking a break from my projects in October, I’ve been easing back into them this month. It’s been hard trying to release the urge to make my work, no matter it’s form, reach a certain expectation. I want to create good art, but I want to enjoy the process too. Lately, I’ve been doing just that and it requires periodic check-ins with myself.

How am I feeling today? Did I sleep well? Did I eat right? Do I have energy for this project? Do I need to reflect a little more before I start working? Has my mood been fluctuating today? How do I feel about this day in the intuitive sense? What’s really on my mind?— This is what I must ask myself every day. When I forget to, the creative flow slows down and numbness creeps in.

While I create and check in, I also visualize the life I want. To be honest, I haven’t lived on my own for about five years. That was the cost of being a freelance editor/writer then and being a creative entrepreneur now. I needed to lay the groundwork for Authentikei before making content that led to substantial results. I’m talking about making money, pretty much, and although it’s not my goal to be wickedly rich, I’m determined to accrue enough wealth so I can live comfortably and safely while taking care of the people in my life who I love. It’s a common dream, but it’s hard as hell. Living in American culture makes it even harder since the wealth required to live well somehow puts a target on your back.

I’m at the point where the groundwork I’ve been putting down for years is finally stable enough so I can just create. I’m proud of myself, but it’s still taking some time to really appreciate that all that I’ve done has brought me to this point. My gratitude is sky high; so is my inspiration.

The structure of my house is built and secure. Now it’s time to to take care of this property, furnish and decorate, and start transforming the house into a home.


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