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What is Worldbuilding? – [Writing Advice]

If your mind is powerful to create an entire world or universe, then you know worldbuilding goes beyond whatever its technical description is. Is it simply creating species, ethnicities, religions, philosophies, civilizations, landscapes, the past, the present, and the future? That’s only a small part of it.

Worldbuilding is the brave immersion into your reflections of reality and reconstructing every fractal of that reality that you can process piece by piece. You embrace your paradoxical existence as a creator and a destroyer. You thrive on the process of recreating, reconstructing, and rehabilitating everything and anything you can wrap your mind around. Sometimes you need to leave yourself and see the real world more carefully because the current reality is the echo of your own world and every detail that inspires you counts. So, it’s okay to slow down and relive that spark of inspiration, like that place you visited, that picture you have of those special people, that show or movie you watched, that book or comic you read, that memory, that sensation, and whatever that hypothetical wonder you had that bridged your past with your current creations.

I was worldbuilding today and felt so alive, so proud. I think for us creatives, we have to accept that this thrill is all we live for. Even though we have to pursue the practical approach of trying to make our passions into a livable lifestyle, where we can provide for ourselves and those we care about, don’t think that being practical requires abandoning the thrill. We’re powerful enough to make a bunch of discombobulated shit into a goddamn goldmine. As long as we build, rebuild, destroy, and do it all over again, the thrill and the passion will call forth what and who we need to keep going. Our presentations of our worlds will greet other minds who will welcome your masterpieces and will give whatever they can to encourage you to keep going.

So, just keep going.


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