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Moondays Should Be Mindful – [Just Me]

It’s so important to have just one day completely stress free, but that’s not easy…like ever. Considering that many of us have been “grinding” so to speak either in the workforce or in school most of our lives, we can’t just say, “I’m relaxing now,” and boom! You’re chill AF.

That’s not life. That’s not the brain. Giving ourselves a moment to pause and just be has to be a practice, just as grinding the day away was sort of a practice, albeit we were all sort of thrust into that life via social norms.

Many of us know that our calendar is pagan. Depending on your perspective, you probably have noticed nordic, roman, and other influences. Sunday and “Moon”day start our week and I heard that those are the days that should really be your “weekend” because Sunday is for energizing yourself and Monday should be to nurture yourself since those are the classic associations with the sun and the moon. I have to admit, I’ve been living my weeks like this for most of this year and it’s been nice. Though I do wish most of my days could be as relaxing as today was. Like I said, calming ourselves is a practice. Sometimes the momentum of Tuesday through the rest of the week take me on a wild ride with Thursday being my new hump day and Saturday being my Friday. I do my best to reflect on how my week went on Saturdays so I can decide what is and isn’t working. Honestly, I don’t think I catch everything. The “grind” mentality is really hard to squash. I’m sure some people will say they like having that sort of grind-drive each day, but as someone who is neurodivergent and anxiety-ridden sometimes, the grind is overstimulating and burnout triggers depressive symptoms. I hate it.

At least today was wonderful. I’m proud of myself.

Also, I’m on the fence about completing the autumn post challenge lol…It’s not as fun as I thought it was.


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