Autumn Post Challenge – Day 9 – I don’t have children… – [Just Me]

bird sitting on stone cross of grave on sunny day

Prompt via The Life of Dee: Autumnal crafts for toddlers – give us ideas on what our little ones could make this season.

I don’t have children. I’m not crafty. I wasn’t even allowed to do autumn crafts because when you’re raised by Christian parents, they think everything is a gateway to Satan.

So I guess I’ll use this post to talk about a childhood memory. In third grade, there was a craft assignment where the teacher wanted us to write a message on our own decorated tombstone. I don’t remember the details, but I’m assuming she wanted us to write something either silly or positive about ourselves. Since my parents freaked out about that and told the teacher I wouldn’t be participating in that, she offered the alternative of me designing my own pumpkin instead. Parents approved. I was the only pumpkin lol. I don’t even remember how I decorated it or what I wrote.

If I had the chance to design my tombstone…well to be honest, I want my body cremated and I think you can have your cremated ashes used as soil or something and have a tree planted in your name instead. That’s what I want. I want a willow tree and maybe when it grows tall, my memory can be engraved in the trunk as: Leliel – Lover of Darkness – Hater of Bigots.

I’d also like it if, “Be Gay, Do Crime!” was on the trunk somewhere lol. And maybe vague instructions on how to summon me hanging from one of the branches. I’ll have to think about that one…or maybe it should just say, “Step One: Don’t.”

I’m so behind on these autumn challenge posts…


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