Is it Luck, Manifestation, or Coincidence? – [Mystic Meditations]

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Is luck on my side? Will my goals in life that can lead to success? Will my prosperity candle spell work?

Not everything is guaranteed, but one thing is: change. Change. It’s chaotic, random, and often not noticed until it’s noticed. Lately, I’ve been exploring how my agnosticism and absurdism plays around with my mystic practices and it’s really bizarre, but also really fun. There’s something very grounding when I meditate, channel intent and focus into my lit candles, and allow all the symbols from my tarot decks and oracle cards to act like a subjective puzzle and mirror of my consciousness. I have answered “yes” to all of those questions above with 99% confidence.

Luck is a strange concept, but I feel I can attract all its kinds one way or another. I have trusted my prosperity spells and have seen the desired results. Also, I have looked at my goals, my attitude, and my efforts in an honest and practical matter, helping me to be successful and proud of myself. All of these are coinciding events. Coincidence is a powerful force in itself and I can’t help but respect it. And for the record, I have had “bad luck”, unintentional prosperity opportunities via a spell candle, and have completely forgotten how to be practical during work sessions that are supposed to be productive. It’s all still coincidence, coinciding events occurring around and within me that happen to become teachable moments.

Humans are irrational as hell. We come up with random ideas. They’re supported, reformed, or just flat our denied. We may persist to keep presenting them or prove their worth or just abandon it altogether. It’s all still random. It’s all change happening within us, around us. Even the most logical of us have to learn to be adaptable when we learn that not everything can be predicted. The most adaptable or flexible have to adjust to a sense of structure or tradition if not out of respect, then at least out of acceptance, learning that we can’t work around the things we have to face head on. This is how we’ve built societies, governments, laws, principles, institutions, economies, ethics…we’ve also reformed them or destroyed them.

We’re just really f**king weird when it comes to deciding what’s what. That’s why it’s hard to understand how we hold ourselves back with standards of living or codes of honor or whatever we want to call the expectations we internalize. Our reality is so malleable and paradoxical with so much beyond our control, and yet we’re obsessed with control as chaos reigns.

I think I want to explore luck, manifestations, and coincidence more. Whatever helps me stop obsessing over fool proof plans and formulas to success. I think my luck and manifestations are my own in some way and coincidence sort of wanders around me like it wanders around everything else. At least then I’m not making myself go crazy over the made up guarantees promised to me.


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