Autumn Post Challenge – Day 7 – Skulls, Keys, and Blankets – [Just Me]

  • Decorate your house for Autumn/Halloween – show us pics of your decor.

Well what a coincidence. I was at the Spirit Halloween store recently looking for a fleece throw, but I couldn’t find any. Instead I found a bird’s skull and an iron key I want to use as a door knocker for decor and blogging purposes because I was excited to share what I got. Anyway, the pursuit of the throw went on. Hot Topic had plenty of anime throws and I wanted none of them (I’m very picky with anime merch). Then I went to Spencers and voila! A throw that I could live with was there. It has a print of the major arcana The Moon on one side and this beautiful moon and star design on the other. I also got a seated/back pillow to help me with working at home. It’s been doing wonders for my back so far.

And I guess I might as well admit that the midst of decor shopping involved some impulsive purchases, live gloves, nails, socks, and a single magnet.



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