Autumn Post Challenge – Day 6 – Tips On Dealing With The Darker Seasons (Seasonal Depression) – [Just Me]

trees near pathway
  • Tips on dealing with the darker mornings/evenings – what do you do to make getting up easier when it’s dark outside. Prompts by The Life of Dee.

I don’t get seasonal depression during the autumn/winter like most people do. It hits me during the spring/summer, but just because it happens during a different time of year for me doesn’t mean I can’t offer tips. Finding beauty in darkness is what I love to do anyway.

  • If you’re a morning person, wake up early to catch the sunrise, misty mornings, the calm before everyone wakes up, the gentle chill; welcome the day.
  • Watch the sunsets when you can. Since they happen sooner, you might get to catch it while you’re leaving your workplace.
  • Enjoy the stars. I like studying constellations during the summer, but during the autumn and winter, the Milky Way is more clear (if you live in the Northern hemisphere). You’ll have a better chance of catching shooting stars too.
  • Set up a little fire that you can enjoy by yourself or with friends, indoor or outdoor. You could make smores just for the hell of it. Gathering around a heater and playing some fire-crackling noises on YouTube might work too lol.
  • Listen to poems about nature. If you want imagery that reminds you of spring/summer again, I recommend listening to readings of the Romantic poets (Wordsworth, Keats, Coleridge etc.) or look for contemporary poets. There’s also plenty of Japanese nature poetry and Japan has beautiful spring scenery with those Sakura blossoms.
  • Find spring/summer art or photography and hang it up on your wall or make it your wallpaper on whichever device you use the most (you’ll find plenty on Pinterest). Again, look up Japan.
  • Watch reality shows or documentaries about spring/summer related things that make you excited for next year. Maybe another vacation/staycation needs to happen. Maybe you’ll find some interior design inspiration.
  • Listen to forest ambience, especially if there’s a soft wind in the background. I listen to rain and “haunted forest” ambience during the spring/summer to cheer me up.
  • Buy some flowers and make a flower crown or just keep the flowers around. I like watching roses die.
  • Make or buy food that reminds you of your favorite season. I like to make a cinnamon/blackberry tea with a little bit of apple cider vinegar and honey; it tastes like apple cider.
  • Well, global warming is on the fast track, so I guess if we have a fall or winter day that ends up in the nineties, why not go outside? lol…

Hope that helps.


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