Autumn Post Challenge – Day 5 – Making The Home Cozy & Some Halloween LoFi – [Just Me]

lighted candle on white book beside black glass bottle
  • Prompt: How to make your home cosy this Autumn – share with us what we can do to transition our home from cool Summer to warm Autumn. Prompts by The Life of Dee.

For me, it’s about comfort and ambience. Blankets, cardigans, hoodies, and sweaters are a must. Candles have to be the right size so they last for the season. For smells, whether it be candles, incense, or oils, my favorites are the earthiest, like cypress and cedar wood, but I also like lavender, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, frankincense, blood orange, and apple/pumpkin spice whatever (which I think I like more as a scent than I do a drink).

To add to the cozy, a good amount of LoFi playlists will do the trick. Here’s a Halloween one I found the other day.

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  1. I love this kind of ambience and the Fall season is perfect for it. I usually get blankets and scented candles out (I have some that pop and crackle like a fireplace) and just enjoy keeping warm, etc. Thank for sharing the LoFi playlists too!

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