Autumn Post Challenge – Day 2 – Why I Love Autumn – [Just Me]

shallow focus photo of red and brown leaves

The days are finally cool. I can sit outside at dusk and watch overcast clouds glide by, blocking the harshness of the sun. There’s a gloom that covers us with shorter days and longer nights. I don’t understand those who dislike that gloom; for me, it’s pure comfort. That gloom demands calm. It beckons us to slow down after all the activity from summer.

Autumn is often an analogy of releasing or dying. The changing colors of the leaves along with the crinkle they make under our feet are a subtle “memento mori”. I get to take this moment of rest to reflect on eternal rest. Birdsong is somber, sweet, and soft, moving with crisp air and deep sighs of relief. It’s beautiful to let go, to rest. I don’t know why I’m one of those who rarely feels restful during the summer; it could be the culture, I guess. I just know when summer ends, there’s a winding down. School semesters begin and encourage focus while work cultures prepare for holidays. Whether it be culture or metaphor, preparedness and focus take hold and that often requires calm to be efficient.

What I love most about autumn is how the change in the air invokes a sense of other realms coming closer simply because this part of the world grows darker, colder, and how so many beliefs and traditions are experienced at once. Autumn is a season of wonder that questions the known and unknown. This scares a lot of people, which could be why fear is more prominent this time of year, but I will always treasure this wonder, this calm bliss.

If all our coffins were as cozy as the blankets and sweaters we wrap ourselves in and death was as warm as a good cup of coffee or tea, people wouldn’t worry so much about the inevitable.


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