Autumn Post Challenge – Day 1 – Cozy Night – [Just Me]

photography of blue ceramic coffee cup

I’m following this blog post list by The Life of Dee because I miss blogging. Let’s see if I can do this every day for October.

Day 1: Ultimate cosy night in – what are the essentials for having a cosy night in?

Before answering, just need to say I had no idea cozy was spelled with an “s” in the UK lol. Weird.

My coziest nights are with a cup of lavender/chamomile tea with honey, french vanilla cream, and a few drops of Valerian Poppy Supreme, an herbal supplement made by Gaia Herbs that’s a complete anxiety extinguisher for me. Sometimes I’ll dip oatmeal cookies in the tea. I like curling up in bed with several blankets and my stuffed baby snow owl (his name is Algernon). If I’m not watching a reality show or drama with a supernatural twist, I’m having a movie marathon of psychological thrillers. Sometimes I’ll watch GameGrumps if I need to laugh. If I’m not in the mood to watch anything, I’m reading or listening to Parcast podcasts (Cults is my favorite), an audiobook, something on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, or a podcast about writers talking about writing, science, philosophy, or goth subculture shit. I also like listening to dark/heavy ambience, lofi, fantasy ambience, classical music, dark academia playlists, forest/nature ambience, video game soundtracks, or a good thunderstorm. I like having my lava lamp on during the night and like to light incense or use my aroma diffuser (I like cypress, lavender, and cedarwood). Sometimes I’ll smoke mugwort and rose petals (also good for anxiety).

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