Do You Read To Death or Read For Sex? On Narration Style – The Violet Project Diaries – Entry 11

Do You Read To Death or Read For Sex? On Narration Style

A friend told me that there are mainly two types of readers out there: the ones who read to death and the ones who read for sex. The ones who read to death surrenders to the author’s siren call to turn the next page. They’ll gobble up a book of over 200,000 words in a matter of days, certainly less than half a week. The one who reads for sex, like myself, makes the experience last. They aren’t necessarily slow readers, but gluttons for the suspenseful moments. They might read a few chapters, then set the book down to make their own predictions about the story or daydream of what the characters would do or say if they met in person. These people may also read like professors who are wondering more about what they can learn from the author, what each character’s archetype is, how and why the story structure was presented as is rather than in a more traditional or more contemporary way. I do read and write for sex. No it’s never been a procrastination technique, but a very pleasurable learning technique that keeps me enthusiastic about my career. I don’t want to bore the ones who read to death with extraneous details and I do hope as I grow as a writer, every sentence will have such an addictive quality that it will be hard to put the book down and even harder not to break it down critically.


      1. I think for myself it’s more dependent on the way a text feels. Regardless of genre, if a book seduces me right I’ll just fall into that mindset and want to savor it again. I definitely do reread for nostalgia, but sometimes I just love certain moments. Like by the end of The Raven, when the narrator is screaming for the bird to leave, the emotional tension is so well built up it still gives me feelings and keeps me coming back to read it again.

  1. It depends on the book and the writer. Some books are a sensuous feast, others not so much. Sometimes I do both in the same book over certain areas. Fiction and nonfiction.

    1. I totally understand that. Now that I think about it, I do think for fiction I read for sex more often, but for nonfiction, I usually read to death.

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