The Philosopher King – [Philosophy Study]

So I was going to write an essay on narcissism today, but I ran out of time and will be transitioning to painting here in a bit. One thing that came to mind while I was writing my essay outline was the Philosopher King from Plato’s Republic.

The world is watching America collapse. It’s heartbreaking, but revealing of many truths. It reminds me of the tarot’s major arcana “The Tower”, where destruction and an inevitable end must be accepted. In the midst of destruction, many ask “why?” and I think many Americans already know why this happened. Quite frankly, we’re scrambling for an answer to “What do we do now?” Rather than turn a blind eye to the destruction, we must apply critical reflection to all that has happened. While I was reflecting, Plato’s Republic came to me. What most Americans are upset about is having irresponsible and incompetent leaders steering our ship of state into oblivion. We could direct all the blame towards Trump who has well earned it, but there are layers upon layers of incompetency that we must address. My essay isn’t necessarily about government blame, but more so about political philosophy and human behavior.

Currently, America runs on narcissism and now the ship is burning. I know Plato’s Philosopher King is just an ideal of a utopian Republic, but it’s worth consideration. The video below was created by Mimir’s Head, who discusses Plato’s Philosopher King and offers his own take on the matter.

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