Logic is Grounding

Chess is one of my favorite games. I like strategy games because your plan is only as good as your result, but no matter what happens, you learn something. Even when I lose, I find it thrilling. It’s still annoying, but it’s always exciting to learn something new. When I play chess, usually against a computer telling me that every other move I make is a “mistake” (and then often win later lol), I get to swallow the harsh reality that you can’t control everything, but if you learn to merge adaptability with backup plans, success has a higher chance of finding you.

I am aesthete who loves it when emotions take the lead, but logical strategy games are really grounding for me. Playing games that demand my attention and intellectual power prove to me that I can achieve some pretty stellar focus (which is a triumph for someone with ADHD). The main function of grounding is to help you live in the present and increase confidence in who you are, so yeah. That happens when I play chess.

I just wanted to share that since this whole week has been emotionally stressful for me, but there are moments when I look back and realize how emotionally resilient I am thanks to my logic balancing things out. I’m sure many people have moments like this and we should definitely appreciate them more. You’re stronger than you know.

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