An Unfair Relationship With The Earth – Teal Swan

The earth loves what is a part of itself.  This includes humans…At our best, humans are a symbiotic organism.  At our worst, we are a parasite.  We cannot survive without our host…

Teal Swan, “The Earth’s Lungs On Fire”

Teal Swan is an intuitive and motivational speaker I’ve admired for a while. Her insight is very grounding, but what I love most is her call to action to address what readers need to do to awaken from self-destructive and egoistic habits or choices. Teal compares what’s happening in our time to an unhealthy relationship where separation and emotional detachment from others and the self is what many interpret as love. Please click the button below to read her elaboration on the matter. Also, please donate to the charities and organizations attending to the Amazonia and the indigenous people of the Amazon. Teal’s article also suggest various ways you can help the cause.

Ask yourself, where in my life am I winning and by winning, some part of the environment is losing?  How can I make it a win-win instead? 

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