The Ups and Downs of A Long-Term Project

Having a long-term project is so intimidating. I hate it when you’ve been working on something for such a long while and you suddenly go into that state of, “Oh shit…Is everything I’ve done so far just garbage?” I DESPISE those thoughts. I can fight them back, but I don’t do it in an aggressive way anymore where I’m beating myself up. I check in with the emotion: self-doubt. After addressing the emotion, I look at what I’m bothered by objectively: I’m not comfortable with what I just wrote and now I’m worried. Then, I think about what is within my control: (1) Review the big picture of the project then hone in on the details, (2) Remind myself that I have the experience to handle the situation, (3) Panic and give up, (4) Put myself down harshly, then give up, (5) Take a break and try again later. Lastly, I pick my choices.

I’ve been writing about Stoker’s writing style and Dracula since the beginning of June and I had some panic moments, but I got through them. I selected choice 1 and 2 and got through to the end of the article. Even though it is a long article, I was happy to discover that what I created may help aspiring horror writers out there. I’m quite glad.

Anyway, this is my way of announcing that a new article is coming out soon, I’ll create a literature study section on my website promptly, and that Stoicism fucking rules. This will be my first literature article, but if you want to see my other articles about metaphysics and other weird stuff, click here.

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