I want to be self-employed full-time

I have a good foundation to build on…now it’s just time to build.

My mission is to have a platform where we are encouraged to think more critically about life; where we prioritize our personal philosophies, strive for self-fulfillment, and be in harmony with the truth of reality rather than be passive to our self-destructive acts. Art, philosophy, and metaphysics are the foundation for this mission with an emphasis on understanding and mastering the self. After transforming the inner reality, we can change the external reality in honesty, integrity, and accountability.

Authentikei is based on the word authentic and the Japanese character “Kei”, which can mean “blessing”, “wise”, or “respect” depending on how it’s written (Japanese Kanji can have multiple meanings). It’s my artist title to remind myself to strive for authenticity for the sake of respecting myself and always being in a state of mastery. This is what I want to promote through my own creative projects and become influential enough to encourage others to do the same, but, of course, they’re encouraged to be their own authentic self rather than an imitation. More than anything, understanding the truth of one’s uniqueness requires an acceptance for differences in perspective and how those differences may harmonize or clash. So, no false positivity.

I want to encourage a practical acceptance of reality where we act accordingly and not project our actions and thoughts on others thus pressuring them to reach an unreachable expectation. I hope we’ll become more familiar with our mistakes and flaws, give ourselves time to process the difficulties and pangs in life in our own healthy and productive ways. Philosophy and art can help with that more than anything, I feel. Metaphysics gets in the mix of that in particular ways.

So yeah, that’s my goal, or my brand rather. The next step is to keep building and nurturing the seeds I’ve already planted. Let’s see where it goes.

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