An Interesting Practice of Practicality

These last few days have been so frustrating. A flash flood hit my area. My room flooded. I had to rush tons of things out of my room before they were ruined by the water. I worked for hours getting the water out of the rug last night and today my room is still damp. Although my mood went sour several times, it never stayed and that’s what I want to talk about before I crash after another long day of trying to figure out how I’m going to work on my projects while hanging out in a storage room.

I’m not sure if this a Pagan thing, a witch thing, or a philosophy thing, but my studies on training myself to master myself have changed the way I view a lot of situations, especially the unfortunate ones. If I’m annoyed or frustrated, I still acknowledge how I’m feeling, but the lingering temper I usually have has been fading faster allowing me to come to solutions and more practical plans faster. I’m even able to recognize that my procrastination really means I need actual rest and I’m not beating myself up or using harsh self-criticism to scold myself. The energy and focus I have works more efficiently when I am presently acknowledging how I’m feeling and then becoming level minded enough to figure out what to do next. I don’t know, maybe that’s a common practice and I’m just catching up. I’m a sensitive soul that has perfectionistic tendencies; I grew up believing unfortunate circumstances were the end of the world or a punishment for being myself. Today, I know the wheel of fortune turns and that having a meltdown won’t make it turn any faster nor will false optimism. Acknowledging what is within your control and acting upon that control can really lead to a more productive life.

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