Controlling Anger and Frustration with Stoicism [Video]

A good video I found today on Stoicism. It’s difficult for some of us to take responsibility for our anger and frustration, especially when we feel it’s another person’s fault that we were triggered or offended, but at the end of the day, our emotions are our own. I don’t think this video is encouraging any of us to act like our feelings aren’t natural, but rather accept that they’re as natural as making a choice is. We act on our thoughts and emotions daily, we’re just selective about how much we regulate each emotion and thought. This is easier said than done if you already have the habit of letting your emotions take the lead or just struggle with being mindful of what you’re feeling, but it can be done. It’s certainly not easy, I’ll tell you that much. My road rage is still hard to control most days.

I’m going to be studying philosophy a lot more and sharing a lot more of it in the future. There are just so many interesting perspectives out there…

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