I Refuse To Stress

There’s so much change and transformation happening. It’s coming. It’s always coming. It’s inevitable and I’m getting really tired of stressing over the inevitable. Change is just something that happens and reacting to that change can be overwhelming at times, but that overwhelming sensation always passes because that’s part of the change.

I think the best way to accept change is to have gratitude. No forced positivity intended here. Gratitude is really just remembering what exists in your present moment and seeing how it benefits you. This kind of view point can be practical or spiritual, but it’s usually both. I’ve been fighting a migraine for four days now. It’s my first one and it sucks. However, I developed quite a bit of gratitude for the medical resources I have from family/friends and in my community. Additionally, I’m glad I found resources that reminded me to rest and gauge where my energy is best suited for my overall welfare. When I take care of myself, I can be there for others and for myself. I know even more change is on the way, but I’m going to be as practical as I can because that’s what change is encouraging me to do; to trust in my own ability to handle the situations presented to me and to let go of what I can’t control.

A lot of abundance is manifesting right now. I got confirmation today. It’s linked to my career. I’m sure of it. I can’t wait to do more writing. Today needed to be a day of gratitude and reflection.

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