First Draft Progress: Four Days Until Deadline

Words Written Today: 1132 Words (I did more editing/rereading than writing to prepare for the ending lol)
Approx Total Word Count: 115k Words

If I were to guess how many chapters were left, I’d say about…three to four and only one of them will be much longer than the rest of them. Then I have to rewrite the prologue. We’ll see.

A Restless Excitement

I know it’s probably the full moon…but it’s mostly me. I’m excited to be near the end of my first draft, excited to start building an author platform, excited to create more and more things. I’m simply excited and restless, more on the inside than the outside. This energy building up inside needs to be regulated though regardless of my excitement. It’s good to ground yourself to recall the bigger picture. Doing this stabilizes you and builds self-trust, especially in the face of fear.

Oh my goddess, I’m pumped.

Being a writer is the best.

Witchy Side Note: This full moon energy is crazy! Sagittarius and Capricorn influences along with that north node in Cancer. It’s pretty significant!

First Draft Progress – One More Week!

Words Written The Last Couple of Days: About 3576 words
Total Word Count Is About: 114,149 words

So close to the end. While writing, I realized I need more scifi literature in my life. I have some, but not enough. Because…aliens. Are aliens even really that alien? They’re just another species in a different part of the universe. Humans can be considered aliens. Well, whatever, I just want to write about a telepathic species from a higher dimension and for it to not sound…awkward? I think that’s the word I’m looking for.

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Priorities and Confidence

I disappeared a couple of days so I could reorient myself towards a self-made schedule. I have so many projects in mind, but I want to bring them into reality, which required me to take a step back and look at the big picture. I have a week left until my first draft for my novel is complete. After this week, I’ll be publishing more, from articles to short stories to music. I feel like a broken record announcing this again, but it’s necessary. One of the hardest things about being a writer, musician, or any other type of artist is that the work you do takes time and every second you put towards that work is progress, progress that not many people see up close. That makes it difficult to have a support group.

I talk to my friends and family about it and it’s hard dealing with the confused looks on their faces, but rather than being insecure and think “Oh no. They don’t get it,” and then feeling like their lack of validation means all I’m working on is a waste of time, I instead remember that they’re just not familiar with this field. Most of my friends and family are in a type of healthcare, educational, or business line of work. Those fields are more straightforward in their job description and more reputable because they’re popular sources of direct income. There is so much in artistry that is passive income. I think too many people look down on that mostly because it isn’t a simple way to make money. That’s what I love about my job though. It’s not simple or straightforward. I don’t think any job is easy, especially if your heart isn’t into it, but the straightforward jobs do lack complexity and some people like that. Not me lol. My creative quirks need an outlet.

So, now that I’m reoriented after all that traveling (which gave me a migraine for over a week!), I’m back on schedule and I’m sure the way I’ve set things up will help me produce more content regularly so the passive income system can do its magic.

You know I’m talking about money and reputation, but ultimately I’m doing this because it’s what I love to do, I’m in a healthy work environment, and I’m seizing the opportunity to build a platform that I hope encourages others to embrace their truth. The world needs more authenticity with accountability right now. Who knows, it might wake us up to the hell that is global warming (because we sure can’t reverse it…). Upcoming burning hellscape or not, I’m excited and hoping the warmth of summer will inject bursts of life into my work (I’m excited to celebrate Litha too, obviously).

Side note: I need to get Amazon Prime so I can watch Good Omens. I’ve been sooooo excited for it!

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Getting Started With Tarot – New Article

I wrote an article for those interested in reading tarot, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Divination through reading the cards, also known as cartomancy, attracts those who love cryptic symbolism. Don’t think “cryptic” to mean “incredibly difficult to understand” in this case. Tarot cards are metaphorical in nature, but are usually simplistic and direct in design. Divination itself, or communing with the divine (or spirit work, and communication, if you prefer), can be ambiguous when starting out, but I think tarot is a great introduction to identifying personal and universal truths. Tarot is a great psychological tool for introspection. Whatever your reason is for picking up tarot, I hope this introduction will give you a general idea of what to expect while learning to read the cards, and provide suitable references to help you explore tarot further.

the truth as you see it is what’s going to define the impact of tarot reading for you. What you should expect from reading tarot is gaining a revelation of your own perception of reality, whether you feel connected to divination or not. 

Read full article here…

I’ll be adding this article to the metaphysical research page. More updates coming soon.

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First Draft Progress – 11 Days Until Deadline

Words Written Today: 2616 words
Word Count Total: 108,049

A little research on mythology, but mostly writing today. I had a tiny “writer’s block”, if those are even real, and successfully conquered it. It got me thinking about character arcs and making sure I do them right.

I’m so tired, but today was a fabulous day.

Do you think writer blocks are real? I don’t think they are anymore lol.

I Refuse To Stress

There’s so much change and transformation happening. It’s coming. It’s always coming. It’s inevitable and I’m getting really tired of stressing over the inevitable. Change is just something that happens and reacting to that change can be overwhelming at times, but that overwhelming sensation always passes because that’s part of the change.

I think the best way to accept change is to have gratitude. No forced positivity intended here. Gratitude is really just remembering what exists in your present moment and seeing how it benefits you. This kind of view point can be practical or spiritual, but it’s usually both. I’ve been fighting a migraine for four days now. It’s my first one and it sucks. However, I developed quite a bit of gratitude for the medical resources I have from family/friends and in my community. Additionally, I’m glad I found resources that reminded me to rest and gauge where my energy is best suited for my overall welfare. When I take care of myself, I can be there for others and for myself. I know even more change is on the way, but I’m going to be as practical as I can because that’s what change is encouraging me to do; to trust in my own ability to handle the situations presented to me and to let go of what I can’t control.

A lot of abundance is manifesting right now. I got confirmation today. It’s linked to my career. I’m sure of it. I can’t wait to do more writing. Today needed to be a day of gratitude and reflection.

Sunk – Back from a great weekend :)

I am a nerd when it comes to writing and I just want to write about writing and also just write. I want write for the rest of my life. I like studying fiction and its genres. I’m a geek about literary theory. I like to deconstruct the fundamentals of storytelling and language. I like identifying a writer’s strengths and weaknesses while psychoanalyzing them. I just…idk this is all sinking in right now. You think it would have sunk in during college and grad school lmao. I think during that time it was sinking, but right now it has SUNK. Since the website I write for is very flexible about what I can write about, I’m going to start making my literature studies into articles that parallel the articles on academic journals and see what happens…while also writing a novel…and preparing to publish poetry…and writing music…and learning to pencil sketch…and studying French, Japanese, Latin, and ASL…And as I build up my writing career…eventually, I’ll have a PhD….because I just want it.
I love my life right now. 🖤 Idk just wanted to share my current life goals.

^^ That right there is just a recent Facebook post. Just thought it belonged here too.

Taking the weekend off was pretty awesome. Although I had relapse in my mental health and am still fighting through that relapse, the weekend was ultimately a blast! In a weird way it inspired the foundation of my protagonist’s personal philosophy. So, that’s neat. Mindfulness works, guys. It takes practice.

I will be doing another first draft completion countdown and give updates on my progress. I’m still recovering from the social hangover from the weekend. First draft writing shall commence tomorrow. More fun projects keep popping up too. It’s like my brain thinks that I’ve already completed the first draft and now I can move onto something else that will help with the second or final draft. Lol nope. One thing at a time. As you can see from my Facebook post, I like having multiple projects and hobbies to fill up my day, but it’s important to make sure those projects are completed. What’s the use of even having goals or cool ideas without any followthrough? - Passion for books 300x250 Got an Idea?