Regarding Article Writing and Building My Career – Vocal.Media

Building your career as an writer is so weird. It can go in so many directions, especially if the options are seemingly limitless. I’m a writer for Vocal.Media, which is such a great platform for writers. I mean you can write anything within their guidelines, fiction or non-fiction. They’re basically a YouTube for writers (especially in regards to their creator partnership program they started up). I really respect that they set and reinforced their guidelines first and foremost as they’ve grown to be more popular.

Anyway, returning to what I was saying. I want to take article writing more seriously once I get past the first draft of my novel. I want to write about literature, artists, and more esoteric/metaphysical topics. I’m already writing about metaphysical topics, but I’d like to improve the quality of my writing, especially since I have so much freedom. I need to take myself and my work more seriously. We’ll see. This is more of a stream of consciousness post, to be honest. I can’t get career building off my mind and that’s a good thing.

Maybe the question isn’t “what” I write, but “how” I write. How will my writing define who I am?

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