Trans-Personal Chakras

This is a very interesting description of the trans/sub personal chakras. I was studying them today and came across this. Wanted to share.

Vasunin blog

Important note: The text below mention some “Cosmic civilizations” and angels. The staff about good and bad cosmic forces are actually projections of entities aka synthetic matrix from the geocentric surroundings of the human beings, and then projected on the Cosmic levels, based on the archetypes of light and darkness. However, the texts on the “Aliens” will remain as they are written, because these “Cosmic entities” are still the astral reality of our planet and humankind. All advanced supercivilizations are either ignorant of us, or they are our invisible protectors. In supercivilizations there are no wars, no poverty, they are protected by the great Divine. (this information was added on 2017/10/29).

Trans-personal chakras are those chakras which are found above one’s head. There are 26 or 27 trans-personal centers out there. Here I will write only about the first eleven trans-personal chakras, because they are more connected with…

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