Closing in on the deadline for my first draft.

I’m excited. I’m excited that I finally have a more stable plan when it comes to working on my novel and funding its publication. For the first draft, I’m aiming to have it finished on June 1st and then have it published in the fall after some hardcore editing, musical advertising, and bribing beta readers (which may end up being you if you like my ramblings on this blog. 😉 ).

To keep myself attentive to this, I will be doing a daily update on how my novel writing is going, no matter how short it is. Writing should happen everyday as I close in on finishing the first draft, but sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s a research day. Sometimes it’s a day to study literature. Sometimes it’s rereading old chapters. Sometimes it’s listening to bookish people, aspiring or published authors, and celebrated authors, screenwriters, and other creatives on YouTube or elsewhere. Regardless, everything I do is for my novel. Sometimes not writing inspires a burst of wonderful writing sessions. That’s what I want to blog about on the daily. That’s what will keep my excitement going. Enthusiasm and dedication fuel me. I’ve been writing Spirit Strings: Initiation for over a year now and I’m proud of myself for being so focused.

That being said, I’ve decided all music projects are going to wait until I’m in second draft mode because my music will be advertising the book itself in a way. It’s a shame, because my cover of Love’s A Burden is coming along nicely, but this project takes priority. And to clarify, Love’s A Burden has nothing to do with the novel. It’s just meant to be a cover.

Okay, so, today actually is going to start with some writing and rereading of the novel. I’ll be back this evening.

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