Reflect. Decide. – Feminine and Masculine Energy

Feminine and masculine energy surges through all of us. So, if you feel the need to put down your fellow man or woman or someone who feels they don’t fit the binary, you must reflect on your own insecurity. You must realize whatever wounds you’re refusing to heal are going to twist who you are into someone you didn’t want to be: a sexist, an oppressor, a manipulator, cruel, unstable, desperate. Feminine energy encourages stillness and contemplation, which is very powerful when applied to retrospection. Masculine energy encourages movement and decisiveness, a great responsibility. They don’t have to clash, but they inevitably do to develop experience. Iron sharpens iron. The cooperation of these energies has always brought strength, inner balance, and maturity, but if you cannot take that experience and address who you are, you’ll end up deluded and entitled. 
So, if you cannot acknowledge women-fronted events that bring change and accountability or men taking the opportunity to reflect and stand back, then can you, at least, respect yourself enough to pledge that your anger and unfair judgments of the changing times is mirroring a great insecurity that you must conquer to prevent yourself from becoming something you know you are not? Reflect. Decide.

Happy International Women’s Day

(I wrote this on Facebook initially, but thought I’d share it here too.)

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