Feedback on my article about faith and hermeticism (and my basic undergrad English major mistakes haunting me again)

My recent article about Faith and Hermeticism has received some good feedback from those knowledgeable of hermeticism. Basically, the article is confusing, poorly worded, and misinformed. I agree. Sometimes you work hard on something and it turns out to not hit the mark. I understand why it didn’t. I wasn’t specific enough and failed at narrowing my topic down to faith specifically. Additionally, I think roping hermeticism into it was a mistake too. I am learning about the hermetic teachings and I thought there was a connection there, but clearly something is off according to audiences that do know hermeticism fairly well. I’ll definitely revise the article, but I’m so incredibly grateful for the feedback. Not only was I reminded of my past mistakes, but now know what to look for in future esoteric research.

If you’d like to confuse yourself and give some feedback, the article is here.

On the plus side, I’m glad my organization of my content was decent enough for my audience to get that I’m addressing that faith is more than it seemed, which led them to question if faith is even a quality of hermeticism. All in all (lol) revision is needed. Thank you to all who read.

Many thanks from the occult/hermeticism discord sever that gave feedback. You didn’t hold back, and I’m very grateful for that.

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