I designed a collegiate academy for my first novel and it was fun

I’m just really proud of it so far. I have incredible insecurity when it comes to sketching out artistic plans. As it turns out, while I was having fun visualizing and sketching out the school, the insecurity drifted away. I suppose that’s the truth for most artistic projects, which is why I’ll do my best post my work, sloppy or not so sloppy on WordPress and put finalized creations on deviantArt.

Now that I’ve come near the end of my first draft, it’s time to flesh out the details and prepare it for publication. My dream print for the book is for final illustrations and analytical sketches to placed in the midst of a chapter. I think illustrations in fantasy and scifi books have been ignored nowadays and I hope to bring it back by creating illustrated editions of my series.

I’ll stay in touch. For now, here’s the first super sloppy look. You won’t even make much out of it, but I see everything and will make it all clear in due time.

– Authentikei

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