The 11 Luciferian Points of Power

I have a character who is going to follow this philosophy. I look forward to exploring it with him.

Aleph's Heretical Domain

What are the Points of Power exactly? They are basically a guideline for individuals to consider if they are interested in Luciferianism, intended to serve the Luciferian well no matter what stage he/she is own in his/her own path and in life. These eleven points are considered to be cornerstones of Luciferian philosophy as presented by the Greater Church of Lucifer, and if you find that most of them align with you, you’re likely to be a Luciferian and you’ll probably fit in with the GCOL should you choose to join. In a sense, it kind of sounds like the Nine Satanic Statements written by Anton LaVey.

Below are the 11 Luciferian Points of Power:

1. Lucifer represents the light of intellect, wisdom and power unique to each individual with the courage to ascend to this responsibility.

2. The symbol of the Adversary is that of the self-liberator and spiritual rebel who inspires self-evolution.

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