Writing for Vocal.Media and My Career Progress

All the writing that I do is for personal exploration and for my upcoming novel series. I recently finished an article about faith and Hermetic philosophy/religion, which I’ll share tomorrow and yowza did it take up a lot of time, but it was such a blast. I don’t regret living this way for a second. When I started writing for Vocal.Media, it was kind of hard for me to define myself and as a Metaphysical Article Writer, because, like all writers, I wasn’t sure if my articles were succinct enough in evidence or information or that they were too direct or didn’t have that engaging of a tone. There’s definitely room for improvement, but writing for Vocal.Media was sort of like a desperate grasp at making sure my writing career was intact while I work towards getting my novel series out. It was a fortunate opportunity I stumbled upon and I’m determined to make a living off of along with being a novelist, musician, and hopefully a decent artist.

My writing will continue to focus on the metaphysical, the occult, and beyond, but as I hone in on the end of the first draft of my novel, I’ll be preparing to advertise the series through art and music. This is a very independent career track and sometimes I doubt if I’ll even prove to myself that it’s plausible to live this way. I mean, others have proved it, but I know they had to work ridiculously hard. I don’t mind the challenge, I just need to remember that the results of my efforts are abundant. Progress is in every word I type, every melody in my head, every vision I try to sketch on paper. I have to remember that; otherwise, I’ll completely neglect everything I accomplished so far.

I guess this post was really just a pat on the back for myself and a reminder for me not to obsess over the statistics of my Vocal.Media articles and count the pennies until I can make my first withdrawal. It certainly does take a while to earn payment when you’re starting out on this, but like I said, I enjoy the challenge.

If you want to be awesome and help a starving writer out, checking out my articles would be the dopest thing you can do. If not for me, at least do it for my cat, Avery. Just click on this block of text then click on something that looks interesting to you.

Shamanism Starts With Empathy

Please read my article on empathic experiences and how they can link to psychic abilities: https://futurism.media/why-would-empathy-make-me-psychic

Even though I wasn’t aware of what a shaman was when I explored psychic abilities as a kid, it all started with understanding empathy, learning about auras, and balancing reason with instinct. That’s basically the starting point of shamanism and if you feel called to it, you should go for it. 

From the article: Though many people don’t find psychics to be logically reliable, it’s definitely encouraged that you marry your emotion with logic so you stabilize yourself and find your intuition to be more trustworthy. Having the potential to be psychic isn’t a synonym for losing emotional or mental stability; it’s simply the chance to perceive your life in a different way. You may gain greater depth in the personalities you cross and become more understanding of the people who hurt you or why you have certain people in your life. You’ll also have the opportunity to reflect upon yourself by noticing how your emotional and mental energy is far more sensitive and powerful than you thought.

After Studying Some Hermeticism…

I’m pretty sure that, while studying Hermeticism (The Kybalion specifically), I read the question “Why does the Universe do what it does?” and after a long and extremely complicated explanation, the conclusive answer was: “Because it can. Speculation is futile.” After all the build up, I laughed pretty hard. Just think of all the people you know who you’ve asked “Why do you do this?” and they answer “Because I can.” lmao!

#IsThisTheAnswerToTheSecretsOfTheUniverse #OrWasHermesJustAnOverthinkingSmartass

Just wanted to share lol. Also, my head hurts.

Right, Left, and Middle – Exploring the Middle Way

“The Middle Way is a more complex pathway, a liminal space, on the boundary land of order and chaos, where creativity happens. It is the place where you are neither obeying the rules (Right) nor violating the rules (Left). When you merely blindly obey or violate the rules, that means you are taking the rules seriously and, thus, are really playing the same game. But when you are both obeying and violating the rules, that means you are rather challenging and questioning the rules, understanding the degree to which the rules could be other than they are, no longer taking the rules seriously, even as you appreciate what can be done with the rules, especially good rules, and where play takes place for the sake of place, where truly new things are and can be born.” Source

Interesting take on the middle way. I’m going to be exploring it more for future articles and for personal exploration. If you want to read the full article, click “source”.

I designed a collegiate academy for my first novel and it was fun

I’m just really proud of it so far. I have incredible insecurity when it comes to sketching out artistic plans. As it turns out, while I was having fun visualizing and sketching out the school, the insecurity drifted away. I suppose that’s the truth for most artistic projects, which is why I’ll do my best post my work, sloppy or not so sloppy on WordPress and put finalized creations on deviantArt.

Now that I’ve come near the end of my first draft, it’s time to flesh out the details and prepare it for publication. My dream print for the book is for final illustrations and analytical sketches to placed in the midst of a chapter. I think illustrations in fantasy and scifi books have been ignored nowadays and I hope to bring it back by creating illustrated editions of my series.

I’ll stay in touch. For now, here’s the first super sloppy look. You won’t even make much out of it, but I see everything and will make it all clear in due time.

– Authentikei

36. The act of Prometheus




The element ‘fire’ is – in relation with the light and life-providing sun – in most cultural experiences of prime importance. The Pythagorean Hestia (or ‘central fire’) was, according to Theophrastus in his treatise De Igne (‘On Fire’), unmovable (COUTANT, 1971). Copernicus quoted this view in his argumentation for a heliocentric world (DUHEM, 1958).


Fig. 239 – The act of Prometheus stealing the fire of the gods, as given in Pierio Valeriano’s ‘Hieroglyphica‘ (Lyon, 1586). The first (Latin) edition of this book (Basel, 1556) was initially an interpretation of the Hieroglyphica by Horapolion (fifth century). The latter treated the symbolic and allegoric meaning of the Egyptian hieroglyphs (printed in Venice in 1505 in the Greek language). In: CAMPBELL & MOYERS (1990).

The fire is a divine medium. Prometheus stole the fire of the gods (fig. 239). He became the symbol of the striving individual (against Jove…

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The 11 Luciferian Points of Power

I have a character who is going to follow this philosophy. I look forward to exploring it with him.

Aleph's Heretical Domain

What are the Points of Power exactly? They are basically a guideline for individuals to consider if they are interested in Luciferianism, intended to serve the Luciferian well no matter what stage he/she is own in his/her own path and in life. These eleven points are considered to be cornerstones of Luciferian philosophy as presented by the Greater Church of Lucifer, and if you find that most of them align with you, you’re likely to be a Luciferian and you’ll probably fit in with the GCOL should you choose to join. In a sense, it kind of sounds like the Nine Satanic Statements written by Anton LaVey.

Below are the 11 Luciferian Points of Power:

1. Lucifer represents the light of intellect, wisdom and power unique to each individual with the courage to ascend to this responsibility.

2. The symbol of the Adversary is that of the self-liberator and spiritual rebel who inspires self-evolution.

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