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Who am I? 

My name is Kris Colvin. My artist name is Authentikei. I have a Masters in Liberal Studies (concn. Creative Writing). I’m just a creative spirit interested in metaphysics, mysticism, literature, music, and art.

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Tumblr (especially if you’re a fellow witch/pagan/literature or dark academia nerd 🙂 )

What is my novel about? 

My novel series is called Spirit Strings.

The first novel is called Initation

Magic is regulated under a strict, theocratic government with global rule on the planet Terrana. The Terrans, paralleling humans in appearance, were created to observe Earth and learn from human civilization to fulfill a 3000-year-old prophecy that will restore Earth from its dystopian, magic-deprived state. Most Terrans are obedient to their theistic rule, but Violet LaCroix has arcane power refusing to be oppressed. She’s hidden her multifaceted magic since she was a child. The day she decides to let her power flow changes her life completely, starting with a criminal charge for performing necromancy. To save herself from merciless persecution from the government’s elite organization that hunts disobedient mages, she’s forced to join a resourceful cult that promises her refuge in exchange for her joining their coup de t’at. Violet goes from model graduating student ready for college to joining a cult of rogue mages eager to liberate Terrana from magical oppression and hoping she’ll bring the power needed to end a war between mages, deities, and unknown forces lasting for millennia.

What kind of research do I do? 

On vocal.media I write about your average new age, metaphysical, occult stuff. It’s been an interest of mine since I was a kid and I’m happy I can be paid for writing about it now. My articles are informative, conversational, and to the point. I prefer discussion over argument since I’m really open to listening to a spectrum of views, even the non-believers and the people who worry for my soul thinking I’m going to end up become demon possessed one day.

So if you’re interested in chakras, twin flames, astrology, telekinesis or the like, click on the research tab. I post articles as much as I can, but the novel is my priority. I do hope to make my articles into an eBook called “Get to the Point, Grimoire” just as an easy reference for those who need it.

On my blog, I’ll often discuss not just my articles on vocal.media and how they help me with my writing, but I also discuss writing in general. I hope to commune more with the online writing community because it’s good we help one another out. Being an artist can be so…so stressful. I can take all the help I can get and boost the hell out of it.

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