My mission is to have a platform where we are encouraged to think more critically about life while enjoying it; where we prioritize our personal philosophies, strive for self-fulfillment, and be in harmony with the truth of reality rather than be passive to self-destructive acts. Art, philosophy, and metaphysics are the foundation for this mission with an emphasis on understanding and mastering the self. After transforming the inner reality, we can change the external reality with honesty, integrity, and accountability.


I am Kris C. Leliel.

My artist and company name is Authentikei. I have a Masters in Liberal Studies (concn. Creative Writing). I’m just a creative spirit interested in metaphysics, mysticism, literature, music, philosophy and art. Thank you for your support

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Research and Resources

On vocal.media I write about your average new age, metaphysical, occult stuff. It’s been an interest of mine since I was a kid and I’m happy I can be paid for writing about it now. My articles are informative, conversational, and to the point. I prefer discussion over argument since I’m really open to listening to a spectrum of views, even the non-believers and the people who worry for my soul thinking I’m going to end up become demon possessed one day.

On my blog, I’ll often discuss not just my articles on vocal.media and how they help me with my writing, but also discuss my other creative projects. I hope to commune more with the online writing community because it’s good we help one another out. Being an artist can be so…so stressful. I can take all the help I can get, find sources artists like me can use, and boost the hell out of it. I am pagan af, but my research/articles are done under a more objective or reflective intent for the sake of my creative projects and has zero intent to spread false information or be disrespectful of other belief systems.